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  • July29th

    I grew up in a land-locked state. We didn’t eat a lot of seafood.

    butter melt

    We saved most of our “surf” eating for our beach vacations, and stuck mainly with “turf” the rest of the time. For my family, a special meal usually meant steak.

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  • July28th

    I always think of shrimp cocktail as a very summery dish. Perhaps this is because one summer, way back in the 1900’s, our family vacation became an all-out shrimp fest.

    shrimp raw

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  • July25th

    How was your weekend? If Facebook is any indication, it seems like everyone spent theirs at the pool. We were no exception. While Super Uncle (that’s Eleanora’s great uncle who prefers not to be called “great” uncle) was taking in the sights in Paris, texting us photos like this…


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  • July20th

    It’s farmer’s market time of year, when we take our reusable bags and a fistful of cash and stock up on some of the freshest produce we’ll get our hands on all year. I’m re-posting an old favorite today — Southern Style Green Beans. Green beans are plentiful right now at the farmer’s market, and in this hot summer where the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove, you can throw all the ingredients in a big pot, set the burner on low, and go to the pool while your green beans cook up all by themselves.

    I actually got the idea for the re-post from Miss Eleanora, who tried (jarred baby food) green beans and was not impressed. This video is from about a month ago now — the time flies! — but it still makes me laugh every time I watch it.

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