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  • October26th

    I never realized how regional food really was until I moved to LA. For example, here in Southern California, no one appreciates grits — that is, if they even know what grits are. And if you mention a Hot Brown, people think you are telling a dirty joke. But if you really want to elicit blank stares, ask someone if they like pimento cheese.


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  • October24th

    Had I known that what will forever be one of my favorite photos was going to be taken, I would have at least put on a swipe of makeup. Or worn something that was my color. (My hair is what it is… there is no helping it.) Or brought the good camera to brunch with us.

    But here it is… captured on iPhone by Hubba Bubba, at a diner, with an unmade-up mama, and a baby who was sick with her first cold. In spite of feeling bad, she kept sweetly leaning over, wanting to touch her forehead to mine, and smiling.


    I think she is the prettiest, sweetest, best little thing in the world. And she loves me too.



  • October20th

    Ten Months

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    She’s ten months old.

    EBD 10 months

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  • October19th

    I swear I really do not like Halloween.


    Yes, I made a Halloween playlist.

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