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  • November26th

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    I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving. We sure did. We were in Philadelphia with Hubba Bubba’s family, where we enjoyed a lovely Turkey Day with family & friends, had a big time at the fabulous Please Touch Museum, and devoured some seriously amazing cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches at George’s Sandwich Shop on 9th Street in Philadelphia in the heart of the Italian market. The Guy Fieri types like to highlight Pat’s and Geno’s on Food Network shows, but take it from me… if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, go straight to George’s and have Mark and his daughter Audrey hook you up.

    Christmas Photos

    And now that Thanksgiving is over… let’s move on to CHRISTMAS.

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  • July12th


    Trader Joe’s!

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    Dear Lexingtonians and Lexingtoniennes,

    Congratulations on your newest arrival! Trader Joe’s is, like, my favorite place, even though every day at Trader Joe’s is busier than Black Friday at Walmart. I heard that when the Lexington Trader Joe’s opened a couple of weeks ago, the check-out lines went all the way to the back of the store. I hate to tell y’all, but it will probably be like that all. the. time.

    Since maneuvering your cart around a Trader Joe’s is like driving the bumper cars at King’s Island, it can be hard to get in there and excavate all of the Trader’s treasures. So I am here to share some of my favorite Trader Joe’s gems with you so you can mine them yourself the next time you brave the madness. In no particular order…

    TJ’s cereal bars. They’re just like NutriGrain bars, but cheaper and organic-ish.


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  • August13th

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    It’s Friday, otherwise known in my house as “order pizza” or “pick up ribs and eat on the couch” night. Who wants to cook on Friday? Not me. But Saturday or Sunday morning, you just might want some breakfast. So today I have a very back-to-basics post about EGGS!


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