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  • June26th

    Recently, Hubba Bubba and I awoke to discover that our child was totally grown up! Next week she’s taking the SATs, going to prom, and getting her driver’s license.

    EBD 18 months

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  • June25th

    Did you know that Seester and I are Brady-maniacs? We have seen every episode of the Brady Bunch at least 100 times and can tell you which episode it is within the first ten seconds of the show.

    strawberry pie

    Literally, it’s like, you see Bobby walking across the astroturf lawn, and we’re like, “It’s the one where Marcia wants to go out with Doug-Simpson-Big-Man-On-Campus but then the football hits her nose!”

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  • June4th

    We are BACK from our fabulous Isle of Palms vacation! We had a wonderful time with four generations of my family. The trip was a Christmas gift from Super Uncle, and all of us — Mimi, Papaw, Mama (aka Shae-Shae), Super Uncle Josh, Seester Haley with TWO buns in the oven, Brother-in-Law Dan, Cooper, Little Brother Ross (aka Uncle Boss), Cousin Kate, her boyfriend Patrick, Hubba Bubba, Eleanora, and I — loved every moment we shared together. We are so lucky to have such love in our family.

    Unfortunately I spent so much time chasing a certain someone around that I was not the best photographer. In fact, I didn’t get a single photo of the whole group (which I will regret forever), and I didn’t even get every family member! So you’ll just have to trust me that we were all there. Here are a handful of my favorite snapshots, in no particular order.


    EBD 17 months IOP, SC

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