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  • May17th

    I love May. Not only is it my birthday and Mother’s Day and our anniversary (poor Hubba Bubba – May is a tall order for him), but it’s also the peak season for two of my favorite things. Peonies…


    … and strawberries. Double YAY!

    more strawberries

    I love strawberries plain, all by themselves.


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  • May15th

    So I was just saying to Sister that I’ve realized just how active Eleanora has gotten because I never have time to blog anymore. I don’t even have time to THINK about blog posts. This is my view for a good portion of each day:


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  • May3rd

    Hello? Is this thing on? If you received this post in your inbox, you have probably forgotten all about The Lexingtonienne by now, that’s how long it’s been since I last did a post. What happened was, I suffered from a severe bout of laziness one week, then the following week everyone in my house was hit with the plague. We were sick as dogs last week, and it has been a lingering sickness that’s stubbornly kept us all below the “feeling 100%” mark even into this week. The good news is, thanks to us, Kleenex will not be going out of business any time soon.

    Aside from a batch of cure-all Chicken Noodle Soup (in late April – ?!?), the kitchen has seen very little of me in the past couple of weeks. So I’m digging into the archives today to bring you a couple of great little recipes for Derby fare, since the 138th annual Run for the Roses is this Saturday. Here are some suggestions for your celebration.

    First is the diet-busting Kentucky Hot Brown (pdf). Just because the jockeys are keeping themselves at a slim 112 pounds this week doesn’t mean you have to. (HAHA! 112 pounds. Ahhh, that’s funny.)

    Hot Brown! Gonna Make You Sweat

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