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  • October22nd

    We’re back from a visit to Kentucky! Our first order of business was to get my best friend, Jenny, married to her knight in shining armor, Brett. I don’t have a photo of her as bride (since I was a bridesmaid and was carrying a bouquet of flowers in lieu of my camera or iPhone). But here she is a couple of years ago posing with another knight in shining armor.

    Jenny and the knight

    And here I am with my dear friends Amelia and Glenda at the wedding reception. This black and white comes to you courtesy of Glenda and her husband, David.

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  • October10th

    Back in January, my grandmother called to ask if I take Real Simple Magazine. I did not take Real Simple Magazine, I explained to her. I took Vanity Fair and US Weekly — both of which I might note were hip and very much of my generation — but neither of which I ever had any time to read.

    Beef & Mushroom Ragu

    My grandmother replied that she had just ordered me a 12-month subscription to Real Simple. To which I quickly backpedaled, “Fantastic! Can’t wait to read it!”

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