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  • December21st

    For a while there I thought I was getting the hang of this whole “infant and toddler” thing.

    Christmas Coffee Cake

    I had craftily coordinated everyone’s nap schedule so that I could have a 30-60 minute overlap between Charlotte’s afternoon nap and Eleanora’s nap; in other words, a glorious chunk of quiet time during the day when I could do fun, self-centered things such as filling out health insurance applications or scrubbing toilets or prepping dinner… all alone. 🙂

    Christmas Coffee Cake

    But I’m starting to think these girls are in cahoots against me… because, lately, Charlotte has been emerging from her nap only about 10 minutes after Eleanora goes down. Hmpf.

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  • December12th

    It’s that time of year again: THE ANNUAL VISIT WITH SANTA.

    So far Eleanora has had two Santa visits. On the first visit she was little enough to just go with it:

    EBD Santa 3

    The second visit she wasn’t thrilled about but complied anyway:


    Seeing as we were already 2-0 with the Santa visits, I felt like a fool hoping to get a good Santa photo for a third year in a row. Add to the mix a 6-month-old, and we were really playing with fire.

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  • December3rd

    Woo hoo! It’s officially Christmas time!

    Charlotte Christmas tree hat 2013

    Now all you Scrooges can stop complaining about hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, we had a small and lovely family Thanksgiving. We were so laid back that I didn’t even take pictures. The only turkey I snapped was this one, who turned one-half on Thanksgiving Day. Talk about feeling thankful.

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