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  • October25th

    My Camera

    Posted in: Life

    I hope everybody had a nice weekend! Ours was very chill and relaxing. (Not many of those in our future, so we’re taking what we can get.)

    A lot of you have asked about my camera. It is a Nikon D90. It was a gift from my grandparents this past April, so I haven’t had it very long and we are still getting to know each other. And even though I’m no expert, I do love it.


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  • October22nd


    Do you eat leftovers? I am not the best about it. After dinner I like to neatly package everything that’s uneaten into Tupperware containers, stick them in the fridge, and let them sit there until I throw them away a week later.

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  • October21st


    Yesterday I mentioned my aversion to the color orange.

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  • October20th

    Did you know it takes, like, forever to make a gourd?


    Let me rewind a little bit. First of all, I’m not that big on Halloween decorations because 1) I’m afraid of skeletons, and 2) orange looks terrible on me. I don’t even like to stand near anything orange. You certainly will not find it anywhere in my house.

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