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Many years ago, Hubba Bubba bought this beautifully illustrated version of “The Night Before Christmas” to give to his nieces and nephew in Philadelphia as a Christmas present. He hoped to create a tradition of reading it to them every year.

Christmas Book

He packed it carefully in his suitcase and boarded the plane for Philadelphia.

A week later, when he returned to LA after his Christmas visit, he unpacked his suitcase only to realize he had totally forgotten to give the book to the kids. Totally bummed, he put it in a spot for safe keeping where he wouldn’t forget it, and saved it for another 365 days to give it to them the next year. When the following Christmas rolled around, he forgot to pack it at all.

This happened for a few years in a row — he either forgot to give the book to the kids or forgot to pack it altogether — and instead of creating his intended Christmas tradition, Mike remained the proud owner of a children’s book. Finally, last year, he packed the book in his suitcase as we headed to Lexington for Christmas. This time, he thought, he would give it to my nephew Cooper.

When we arrived back in Los Angeles after Christmas, he opened his suitcase and — sure enough — discovered that he had yet again forgotten to gift the book. Annoyed by this book that didn’t seem to want to leave him, he unpacked it and stuck it on the shelf with all the other children’s books we now owned, in Eleanora’s room.

Just a few weeks ago, Eleanora spied it and pulled it down off the shelf. That’s when Hubba Bubba realized who the book was for.

Christmas 2012

Although he hadn’t known it when he bought it so many years ago, it was Eleanora’s book all along.

Since it’s these sweet little discoveries that make Christmas so merry, on the Sixth Day of Christmas…




  • Comment by lori — December 13, 2012 @ 5:29 am

    I love this. We had the same tradition in our house, and I still have the book that was read to me, and that I have memorized, every line and every picture. What a great gift.

  • Comment by Glenda — December 14, 2012 @ 9:56 am

    I love this post, Hannah! Some of the traditions we cherish the most are the ones that happen by chance. It’s a good reminder that some things aren’t supposed to be planned, or perhaps are planned well in advance and we don’t even know it. The joy is when you realize it.

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