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This blog has been collecting dust lately. In the past week, Hubba Bubba has been in New York, producing a Christmas special with this grouch.

Mike and Grouch

Also, Eleanora was sick. And then I was sick. We both got in on the cold-meets-bronchitis action that’s been going around. All the cool kids are doing it. Here’s what else we’ve been up to, while we’ve been ignoring the blog. We’ve been hanging out in our pajamas…

EBD 10 1/2 months in pajamas

… swinging at the park…

EBD swinging 10 1/2 months

… chillin’ with Super Uncle…

EBD 10 1/2 months with Josh

… and growing a ponytail!

EBD 10 1/2 months

We haven’t been cooking anything new – just some old favorites, including:

(There was a sale on ground turkey.)

Speaking of turkeys, I’m trying to teach Eleanora to say, “Gobble gobble gobble!” So far she’s sticking to “Hi,” “Ha ha haaa,” and “Aaaggghhhh!” (as in, what the pigeon says when he gets his puppy, for you fans of the Mo Willems pigeon series).

Later, turkeys,


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