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  • January6th

    I can already hear my Seester scolding me for this blog entry.


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  • January3rd

    Well, our new roommate has been with us for 3 weeks now as of yesterday (Sunday).

    3 weeks

    She’s doing tummy time…
    tummy time

    And doesn’t like that her dad had to go back to work today (but I keep telling her it’s a good thing).
    over it

    I haven’t really gotten back into the kitchen yet — except to make Chex Mix, which would have made for a hacky blog, seeing as everybody knows how to make Chex Mix. But thanks to somebody being a great sleeper last night and a good napper this morning, I did get a shower, put on makeup, straightened the house, and did some laundry. Not bad for Hubba Bubba’s first day back to work and my first official day on the job.

    Speaking of our new roommate, she’s waking up… I’d better run. Have a wonderful week!