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  • September23rd

    Red Lobster

    Posted in: Recipes

    This is a sad story about Lobster the Lobster. He doesn’t get a name because it will only create an emotional attachment, and nobody needs that.


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  • September22nd

    Greetings from Isle of Palms, South Carolina, y’all! Here are a few shots of the house we’re staying in:


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  • September17th

    Happy Friday! Here is what I’m doing today:


    Yep, the Duffys are traveling again… this time to Isle of Palms, South Carolina for a laid-back vacation with Mama, Sister, brother-in-law Dan, and precious baby Cooper. Hubba Bubba and I have tried to get lots of travel in while it’s still comfortable for me. We want to get out into the world as much as possible before the Warden arrives to put us on lock-down in December.

    Speaking of the Warden, here is a recent photo of her. She had some umbilical cord in front of her face that day, so we didn’t do one of those nifty 4D ultrasounds, but she smiled for the camera anyway! As of last Friday (when this photo was taken), she weighed 1 pound, 9 ounces. And I weighed 101 pounds, 9 ounces. 😉


    I’m hoping to be able to blog next week from le vacay… in the meantime, enjoy your weekend!


  • September16th


    When Hubba Bubba and I were married in the home state two years ago, many of our California friends made their very first visits to the Bluegrass for the wedding and festivities.

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