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  • January23rd


    Happy 2013! I’m not sure what it is about 2013, but it seems like everyone we know is having a baby this year. I can count at least a dozen friends expecting little ones in the coming months.

    We’d hate to get left behind, so… add us to the list

    EBD with ultrasound

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  • November6th


    We’ve been back from our Kentucky trip for a few weeks now, but I’m just now getting around to posting these photos. It’s my cleaning lady’s fault, or my EX-cleaning-lady, I should say. I could launch into a fuming diatribe about that, but suffice it to say my pet tornado and I are currently cleaning lady-less. Therefore, my to-do list has gotten a lot longer. (If anyone has a recommendation for a reliable housekeeper, the Duffys are hiring.)

    Anyway, here’s Eleanora in Kentucky with her cousin Cooper. 🙂

    October 2012 Kentucky

    October 2012 Kentucky

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  • October22nd

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    We’re back from a visit to Kentucky! Our first order of business was to get my best friend, Jenny, married to her knight in shining armor, Brett. I don’t have a photo of her as bride (since I was a bridesmaid and was carrying a bouquet of flowers in lieu of my camera or iPhone). But here she is a couple of years ago posing with another knight in shining armor.

    Jenny and the knight

    And here I am with my dear friends Amelia and Glenda at the wedding reception. This black and white comes to you courtesy of Glenda and her husband, David.

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  • September24th


    In LA it’s easy to forget that fall has started, since summer weather doesn’t really debut here until September, and often hangs on well  into November. But in our family we just experienced our first official “No Seriously, It Really Is Fall” moment: Eleanora started school.

    EBD First Day of "School"

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