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  • March26th

    Remember this kid, from Halloween?

    Halloween 2011

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  • March19th

    Hey y’all! I’m guest blogging today over at Dad Or Alive.

    A toddler is like a Border Collie: an adorable, loyal companion who is whip-smart, fun-loving, ridiculously energetic, and who almost always wants to be by your side. And, like a Border Collie, if not kept busy in a constructive way, a toddler will rain destruction upon your home.

    14 months

    14 months


  • March15th

    In case you didn’t notice at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Eleanora’s birthday, or several times throughout the Christmas season, I’m kind of obsessed with making playlists on iTunes. Obviously I made one for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some of the highlights, for your green-beer-drinking pleasure this Saturday. I recommend sprinkling these in with some of your favorite (non-St-Patrick’s-Day) tunes.

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  • March6th

    It seems like Eleanora hardly eats a thing. Six cheerios here. Half a yogurt there. Zero bites of scrambled egg.

    One bite of fish stick into dinner, she attempts to catapult herself from her high chair.

    14 months

    “She hasn’t eaten a thing!” I worry. “She’ll STARVE! My child is malnourished!”

    But then I look at these legs and think…

    Eleanora 14 months

    We must be doing something right.