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  • December3rd


    When I was growing up in the 80s, my mom occasionally came up with an almost-like-Martha-Stewart idea for a little homespun Christmas flare.

    For example, one year, instead of buying Christmas wrapping paper, she bought an endless roll of white paper and a mega pack of Crayolas and set my sister and me to work. We were thrilled that we got to decorate all the wrapping paper… until we spent an entire week after school detailing reindeer, snowmen, and tiny holly berries and only covered about two gifts’ worth of paper. When Sister and I realized how much work was involved, we abandoned ship and returned to our regularly scheduled after-school Brady Bunch viewing.

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  • October11th


    Happy Monday! My kitchen was closed this weekend, as we focused instead on some other projects around the house…


    Hubba Bubba built Baby Girl’s crib…

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  • September8th


    A couple of weeks ago I told you about my “push present” from Mike, which included two fabulous bottles of wine and one very exciting lithograph by the French artist Raoul Dufy. Our plan with the dining wall was to get several small items framed in gold frames, and to hang everything with our new lithograph at the center.

    Here was the BEFORE photo:

    naked dining room

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  • August26th


    Imagine the scene: you come home to find a brand new Elle Decor waiting for you in your mailbox. (Joy.) And when you open it, everything in it is tailored for you. No, not as in, you really like everything you see. I mean, it’s all been written just for YOU, [insert your name here]!

    That’s kind of what happened to me yesterday afternoon. In response to my “help-me-with-my-master-bedroom-before-I-jump-off-a-cliff” post, which — by the way — got a lot of wonderful and very helpful responses from my kind readers which I very much appreciate, my dear friend Sally B. sent me an email with THESE attached:

    Hannah 2

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