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  • March28th

    It feels like it was just Christmas, doesn’t it? The days and weeks have flown by, and here we are, already at Easter. I must be getting older.

    EBD Easter Bunny 2013

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  • March27th

    As you know, we have Bambina #2 on the way. From what I (sort of?) recall from the first time around, those early months are blissful, beautiful, and exhausting. One thing I clearly remember from the foggy Brand New Baby Days is the dreaded DINNER DISCUSSION. As in, “What are we having?” When Eleanora was a teeny thing, Hubba Bubba and I referred to dinner as “The D Word.” It was a question for which neither of us had an ounce of energy, yet it had to be decided on a dreadfully frequent basis.


    Everyone thinks that after about the first month with a new baby, you’ve gotten it figured out. The offers to bring food kind of die out. Which is fine, because you do have to figure it out at some point.

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  • March7th

    I accidentally took a long vacation from the blog. See what happened was, my in-laws came to visit from Philadelphia for a week.

    Bill & Maggie

    I decided that if THEY were on vacation, then I would be on vacation too. I was going to get right back to blogging after “our” vacation week.

    But then… the day after they left, Eleanora came down with a ferocious stomach virus that lasted for a full 14 days. Without getting into the details, this is pretty much how our past 2 weeks have looked:

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