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  • July2nd


    Happy Summer!

    We’ve been so busy enjoying summertime that I nearly forgot there was a blog. We vacationed in Isle of Palms, South Carolina with four generations of our family.

    May / June 2014

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  • November19th

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    Well now, I had thought summer flew by so quickly because I was in a newborn fog, but fall is clicking right past us too. We are like a little raft being swept along the busy river of life. Here is where the river has taken us these past couple of months.

    Charlotte “Cheeks” has amazed us with her growing skills.

    Eleanora and Charlotte Fall 2013 Halloween Baptism

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  • December19th

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    Today  is the last installment of the “Twelve Playlists of Christmas” series. We made it. All told I’ve listed over 80 songs, and I hope you’ve found a new favorite or two among them. But you haven’t heard the last of me for this Christmas season. Tomorrow and the next day I’ll be sharing a couple of Christmas recipes (sausage casserole and ginger spice cookies), so stay tuned.

    For now though, my family and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas with some photos from Christmases past.

    Christmas Photos

    Christmas & Winter Photos

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  • December18th

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    The Christmas season boasts a lot of highlights, but nothing is quite as spectacular as a good old-fashioned Church Christmas Pageant. Homemade costumes, screechy singing, a Cabbage Patch Kid baby Jesus. Does it get any better?

    There aren’t a ton of choice roles for girls in the Christmas pageant though, which is why I don’t have any pictures of myself looking especially Christmas pageant-y. There’s Mary, of course, and girls can also be angels (although the meatiest of those parts belongs to Gabriel — a boy). But I was never interested in playing Mary, aka someone who was having a baby. It didn’t matter if it was a starring role or that the baby was Jesus Christ. I had no desire to dress up in a pregnant costume, act out the process of giving birth, then happily hold a baby that had supposedly just come out of there, all in front of the entire church congregation. Being an extra in the choir of angels was the only way to go. You already saw this photo, but here I am (with the Rector, my little sister, and a photo bombing acolyte) after dutifully squeaking out several Christmas carols with the other angels in the chorus.

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