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It feels like it was just Christmas, doesn’t it? The days and weeks have flown by, and here we are, already at Easter. I must be getting older.

EBD Easter Bunny 2013

I took Eleanora to see the Easter Bunny, because nothing says “good parenting” like throwing your child into the lap of an enormous, terrifying-looking creature. She wasn’t wild about the whole thing, but she’s no dumb bunny. Once she found out there was a lollipop in it for her, she put on her game face.

EBD Easter Bunny 2013

Speaking of lollipops, we’ll be indulging in our share of Easter confections this weekend, largely because I’m trying to train a certain someone to start using the potty by rewarding her with jellybeans and chocolate bunnies. (And before you email me saying that bribery is bad, believe me, whatever you are going to suggest instead? WE’VE TRIED IT. I have reduced myself to bribery, and I am FINE with it because it’s starting to work.)

And here are some goodies for YOU from past posts, if you’re looking for recipes for your Easter table.

hash brown casserole

green beans


broccoli salad

lemon bars


Apricot Nectar Cake

Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend,

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