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In LA it’s easy to forget that fall has started, since summer weather doesn’t really debut here until September, and often hangs on well  into November. But in our family we just experienced our first official “No Seriously, It Really Is Fall” moment: Eleanora started school.

EBD First Day of "School"

Before you think, “Whoa, that was fast!” I should add that we’re just doing a toddler program at a nearby preschool. We go one day a week for an hour and a half, and I stay there the whole time with her. But it’s, like, a real, actual preschool. You know — snack time and circle time and all that serious stuff. Here’s a snapshot of our little scholar at the snack table…

EBD First Day of "School"

… and still snacking after all the other children had gone inside for play time.

EBD First Day of "School"

But despite this whole “start of school” business, LA is sweltering through the dog days of Indian summer right now. Yes, the sun is setting earlier. And yes, football is on and JCrew is debuting quilted vests. But I’m parading around in a tube top over here. (Not really. Sorry to have put that image in your head.) The point is, we’re trapped in a seasonal oxymoron. So since I won’t be making chili any time soon, I made — you guessed it — a fall playlist to celebrate my favorite season.

I admit to some glaring omissions. (For example, “Autumn Leaves” is just so sloooowwwww. I mean, get on with it. And, uh… “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire, anybody? Anybody? Yeah. I didn’t think so.) But the following picks evoke, to me, a feeling of autumn. The list is heavy with bluegrass influence — which makes me think of the folky American harvest tradition — as well as references to the country in general. Because, in the fall, there’s no better place to marvel at the changing leaves or sit through an itchy hayride than in the country. And if you’re in the city, like we are, you can just listen to sounds about the country… while driving to preschool. 🙂




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    She looks so grown-up! Great playlist 🙂

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    The Autumn Playlist – The Lexingtonienne

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