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A couple of days ago I was determined to get back into the kitchen, so I called upon some old favorites. I made Southern-style green beans (pdf), which I highly recommend for any busy mamas or busy people in general. It only takes about 5 minutes to throw everything into the pot, and then you set it to simmer for a few hours and DUNZO. I made a big batch because I like leftovers. I’ll even eat them cold right from the fridge.

And I made parmesan chicken (pdf) to go with my beanies. This time I used the thin-sliced breast fillets you can buy at the store… that way I didn’t even have to take the time to pound out the chicken breasts. And instead of using regular flour seasoned with salt and pepper, I used this:


Blog reader and family friend Judy Blankenship (hi, Judy!) sent this to me after my last post about parmesan chicken. She told me it is pre-seasoned and super tasty and that I must try it. Since they don’t sell Kentucky Kernel out here in California, she kindly mailed me a box and I am so glad she did! Hubba Bubba and I thought this was the best batch of parmesan chicken ever. It just had a little extra sumthin’, AND it was another time-saver because I didn’t have to season my flour — this stuff is just ready to go.  So THANK YOU, Judy!

Okay, since I didn’t make new recipes this time, I didn’t take photos of the process — seeing as you have already seen it all. So in lieu of food photos, here is something equally if not more delicious… it’s Eleanora in her first pair of pantyhose! Thanks to Eleanora’s “Shae-Shae” (i.e. my mama) for her super cute outfit. As you can clearly see, she loves it. She’s showing off her famous eyebrow, which she inherited from her daddy and her Nana. 🙂

6 weeks wearin' pantyhose

Talk to you soon!


  • Comment by Shae — January 26, 2011 @ 6:42 pm

    Sooooo cute,

  • Comment by HaleyD — January 27, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

    Cutest outfit ever! Missin’ my niecey pooh.

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