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Every family has Christmas memories — some we love, some we don’t love, and many that make us laugh. The funny thing is… we don’t all remember everything the same way. The other day I was telling Hubba Bubba how, at Christmastime in the 80s, my mama kept our George Winston “December” cassette tape playing nonstop. “She was obsessed with it,” I said.

A couple of days later I was talking to my mom about Christmas songs.  “Ugh,” she laughed. “You always made me play George Winston.


So on the Third Day of Christmas, in honor of George Winston — whoever’s favorite he is…


And here I am at Christmastime in the 80s (I’m on the right, Sister is on the left), in all likelihood listening to George Winston at that very moment.

Christmas Photos

Dinnnng donnnng dinnnng donnnng,

* In another lifetime I worked on a delightful TV show called “Pushing Daisies,” and Jim Dooley composed the whimsical, imaginative score for it. Not only is Jim incredibly talented, but he is also a super nice guy. While you’re checking out his “Carol of the Bells,” give the whole album a listen. It is uniquely fantastic — definitely a “must have” for any Christmas carol connoisseur’s collection.

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