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More baby news today! Baby Girl has a name. She will be…



Eleanora Babe is named after Hubba Bubba’s grandmother, Eleanora Onorato Duffy. I’ve told you about Eleanora — aka “Gram” — here on the blog. Her parents were fresh of the boat Italians, which explains how my Irish-named husband is such an expert on gadamad (calamari), proshoot (prosciutto), and mootzarell (mozzarella). Eleanora was a remarkable lady — independent and energetic, she traveled the world all by herself in her 60s. She even climbed a glacier just six months after having a hip replacement. Here is a photo of Eleanora when she was two years old and so precious.

Eleanora 2 years old

And here she is looking beautiful at sixteen.

Eleanora 16

Our Eleanora Babe is also named after my great-great-aunt, Babe Ruth Jones. Aunt Babe was my grandfather’s aunt, and she was the youngest of seven girls. Feeling like she had already used all the girls names she could think of, my great-great-grandmother asked the children, “What should we name this baby?” One of the sisters replied, “I think we should call her Babe Ruth,” after the national hero of the moment. And so they did!

Aunt Babe was a family favorite. She was fun and sparkly and had a way of lighting up a room. She also had a lot of neat stuff. In this photo I’m wearing a coat that belonged to Babe.

leopard coat

Here is a photo of Babe as a little girl…

Little Babe

… and with her sister Dorothy (Babe is on the left)…

Babe w/ Dorothy

… and all grown up.

Babe portrait

Mike and I are so proud to give our daughter a name that means so much to both sides of her family. We feel like we’re giving her a boost out of the starting gate by naming her after two such amazing ladies, who would have been tickled to know that they now have a little namesake.

Eleanora Babe, we love you so, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Have a great weekend, y’all,


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