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Buon Giorno from the Eternal City!


We have had a wonderful time since arriving in Rome. On our first full day (Sunday), we explored Ancient Rome, including the Arch of Constantine – which was completed in the year 315 A.D. (pictured above). And we saw the Colosseum…




We walked through the Roman Forum, where only stones remain of what was once like the best city ever. It was REALLY hot, and Hubs didn’t always feel like getting in the picture. I didn’t blame him, but I still made him be in it.


This is all that remains of the temple of the Vestal Virgins – the city’s most beautiful women from the wealthiest families – whose job it was to keep the eternal flame alive, or else the Romans believed the city would fall. Our tour guide described the Vestal Virgins as being “like nuns, only beautiful.” 😉


And of course we visited the Vatican, where we toured the museum…





… before taking about 20 minutes to view the truly breath-taking Sistine Chapel.


They don’t allow photos in the Sistine Chapel, but I can tell you I think I found my dream job there. They have these security guys stationed in the chapel whose job it is to shush the crowds and smack cameras out of people’s hands. Yes please. As the oldest child, I think I possess a certain gift for bossing people around, and hissing, “SHHHH!!!” and bellowing, “SILENCIO!” all day long sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me.

After you view the Sistine Chapel, you are spit out into St. Peter’s Square.


This is where the Pope pops up (on Wednesdays, apparently)… top floor, right-hand side, second window over.


We’re taking off in a minute to do some shopping… but I must tell y’all the funniest thing really quick.


Everywhere we go in Rome, people think Mike is Spanish-speaking. When we reported to the tour bus and they were handing out radio guides, the lady looked at Mike and said, “Espanol?” And then last night when he ran into a little shop for some bottled water, the cashier greeted him with, “Hola!”

I have laughed and laughed over this! I can see why they think he might be Spanish-speaking… he’s all short, dark, and handsome… but this is the guy who took EIGHT YEARS of Spanish and cannot speak a word of the language. In fact, when he was in college, he needed to pass a Spanish class in order to graduate. After struggling all semester long, he finally went to the professor and said, “Look, we both know I have to pass this class, but we both know that’ll never happen. Can you help me out?” The professor thought about it and said, “Tell me one word in Spanish.” Mike said, “Burrito.” And that kind professor passed him.

We go to Florence tomorrow… if our internet luck continues to hold up, you will hear from me there!

Ciao from me! Adios from Mike!

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