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  • May17th

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    Have you heard of the nesting instinct? It’s the urge you get while pregnant to feather your nest, so to speak, and it’s fantastic. You get all kinds of stuff done while under the influence of the nesting instinct. Garages get cleaned out, drawers get reorganized, and multiple donations to Goodwill are made. The clock is ticking down to baby, and mama wants to be prepared. In short, reproductive = verrrry productive.

    We only have a few weeks to go till Baby #2, and — thanks to my nesting brain and Hubba Bubba’s accommodating brawn — all the big things are done. Nursery is set up. Infant equipment is out of storage and ready to use. Newborn clothes and diapers are in the drawers prepped to go. Hospital bag is packed. And Cousin Kate arrives in a week (Three cheers for Kate!) to help care for the Big Sister in this time of transition.

    Eleanora 28 months

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  • May7th


    In theory, when you’ve had one baby, preparing for Baby #2 is a snap. You already have all the apparatus — swings, bouncy seats, co-sleepers, baby tubs, exersaucers, strollers, blankets, toys, Boppys, Bumbos, crib, and a decent collection of clothes. Just haul it all back out and you’re ready, right?

    Um, no.

    In reality, there’s a whole other list of chores to cross off, such as creating a vacancy in the crib…

    Eleanora Age 2

    … by convincing its original occupant to move on to a bigger, better, and more exciting (at least that’s how you sell it) “BIG GIRL BED” so that you can move the aforementioned crib to New Kid’s room.

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  • April29th


    Hubba Bubba and I used to have a Friday night tradition of getting take-out from our favorite barbecue joint and sucking on baby back ribs in front of the TV. Ribs have always been a treat in our house, since great ribs take a certain amount of dedication and time to make. Pit masters pride themselves on top-secret recipes and very specific, hours-long methods. So it used to be that if we wanted ribs, Hubba Bubba would either dedicate half a day to making them himself, or he’d pick them up from the BBQ bosses at Baby Blues.

    Crockpot Ribs

    Crockpot Ribs

    That is, until my brother-in-law Dan introduced me to this method. These baby backs are SO easy, yet turn out SO falling-off-the-bone good, that what was once a Friday-night treat around here has now become an any-night-of-the-week Easiest Dinner Ever.

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  • April11th


    As I mentioned recently, I’m compiling a file of Easiest Dinners Ever, for those nights when it’s less about embarking on a wild culinary adventure and more about just getting something on the table that’s quick, homemade, and delicious.

     Easiest Crock Pot Beef Roast

    Well, this crock pot roast is SO delicious — yet so incredibly simple — I am still kind of in disbelief about it. Anyone you serve it to will marvel at your skill in the kitchen; meanwhile, you’ll be borderline embarrassed to admit how easy it is. You may even feel like a cheater. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, but come on, it shouldn’t be THIS easy.

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