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  • August25th


    Hubba Bubba and I are doing a 5K this Saturday. Something tells me he’s going to finish in about half the time I do — he’s a very fast runner who also happens not to be 5 1/2 months pregnant.

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  • August24th

    Have you ever heard of a push present? Apparently it’s a gift your husband gets you for having a baby. I had never heard of this until a couple of years ago. I always thought the baby was the present. But hey, if everybody else is getting a push present, I’ll take one too. For example:


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  • August23rd

    Throughout our relationship, Mike and I have bonded over many things. We both like to cook. We of course love to eat. And, well, I guess those are pretty much the broad strokes.

    broccoli salad

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  • August20th

    As my grandmother says, school is only the beginning of education. We continue to learn all throughout our lives, and we must make sure we stay in practice on the basics. For example, you read every day, don’t you? Likewise, it is important to keep up on our foreign language skills and our math skills as well. Today’s post will help you do just that.

    streusel rolls

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